Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chapter 6: Homebound

The sun slid behind the rocky valleys of South Gustaberg, plunging it's valleys into shadow as the chocobo cantered into the Republic of Bastok's Chocobo stables. The Stable master 's face was filled with excitement to see his lost bird returning at last.

“Thank you very much. I was afraid she wouldn't come back and be integrated into the riding force for the Ducal Stables. You have my appreciation as well as that of all my caretakers.” he spoke through a grin as he stroked the bird's crest.

“It was our pleasure. Now, can you tell me which way to the residential district?” Sul grunted as he picked Feyna up off the chocobo trying his best not to wake her.

explained the way and showed Sul which key he believe was the key to Feyna's apartment as he spoke. “Miss. Fey has deliveries of the status updates of her chocobos on a daily basis so we know where her apartment is. I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure this one is the key. I'm sure she trusts you to sleep under your watch but I'm also watching so don't try anything...”

Sul blinked unsure what to say. He nodded and carried Fey out of the stables towards her home.

Upon arriving at her door the key was indeed her key and he opened the door very carefully and entered the dark room. He stopped and spoke in a clear but quiet voice. “Moogle, please turn on the lamps. I have Lady Feyna here. Please also prepare he bed. If you wouldn't mind.”

“Mr. Sulmorko, I'm assuming? Yes, I would be happy to prep her bed and light the lanterns.” The moogle responded immediately as he fluttered over to pull the covers.

Sul placed Feyna on her bed carefully removing her hat from her arms in the process. His ears burned as he realized she would need her armor removed to rest comfortably. He removed her boots, gloves, and accessories without a second thought but her tabard was where his hesitation lingered. He and the moogle exchanged glances and a nod as he unbuttoned the first of the many revealing her milky skin. Sul stopped questioning the moogle. “Can't you do this?”

“No sir. She is too heavy but it needs to be done.” the moogle replied quietly.

Sul's face was flushed and his hands shaky as he removed buttons two and three still showing more of her skin. Eyes closed, Sul unsteadily unbuttoned the last of her fasteners unsure of what laid underneath. He held his breath as he opened the armor to reveal the standard hume undergarments. Sul sighed partly of disappointment and mostly of relief. The moogle helped him finish removing the tabard folding it and placing it with the rest of her gear on her almirah.

Sul's head felt light as he tucked Feyna into bed. He turned and headed to the door though he noticed that the floor was coming closer instead of the door. Sul heard the moogle asking him if he was okay. His head swam as he responded. He closed his eyes for what seemed like a few seconds before opening them again to find his head on a pillow and a sheet covering him. The room was dark though he could see that he was now on Fey's bed. She was asleep next to him wearing a night gown with her hair down and brushed. He was conscience long enough to yawn and flip the pillow before his head hit the cool comfort and he was off to dream again.

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