Friday, November 13, 2009

Chapter 2: Serperation

The corner booth sat mostly empty when the end of the week rolled around, Kolev being the only occupant. His books were spread across the table as well as a map, which depicted several different areas. The map had a path marked from the kingdom’s gates to a hidden crevasse known as Ordell’s caves. This was his final task before he was a battle-ready, full fledged Paladin. He sat, thinking back to his teachers words the previous day,
“Kolev, my pupil, you are now ready for your final test. You have studied hard and persevered where others have failed. You are ready to join the ranks of many other Paladins before you. A sword you must quest, my son, Go to the Caves in La Theine Plateau. There you will see many dangers that you must overcome. You may bring trusted friends to help you along your way but you and only you can enter the caves and obtain the answers you seek. Deep underground is an item that will alloy you to attain your sacred blade. Now go and may Altana’s blessing be upon you.”

Kolev’s thoughts were interrupted by the preasence of the Barmaid, Lotte. Her upbeat attitude was dampened by the expression of somberness on Kolev’s face as she drew near. She approached cautiously and waited a moment before speaking.

“What’s the matter, honey? Something got ya down?” Her smile was forced to try and brighten what ever may have got the boy down. When he didn’t respond she tried again, “You’re friends coming in soon? We’ve already got their orders brewing.”

Kolev dropped his head a bit as he started to speak. “They have all moved onto their own paths, seeking things that they need and desire. I’m also leaving tomorrow to search for my future. Thank you for all of your kindness here. I will say that there is a chance that we may be less in numbers when next we meet.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Sugar. I’ll get your order to you, it’ll be on me.” She said with a wink. This made Kolev’s mouth tilt at the corner with what she figured was his best attempt at a smile. She leaned in, with her hand on Kolev’s shoulder, and kissed him on the cheek.

“I know your friends will be back, we couldn’t get rid of the four of you even If we tried.” She whispered as stroked his chin before floating off to the kitchen to prepare his order. Normally Kolev would have enjoyed that but now all his thoughts were on his friends the perils that lay ahead of them.

Sul, Drag, and Phen traveled in an uncomfortable silence. They knew that upon their destination, Grand Duchy of Jeuno, they would be split and on their own. They each tried to speak but their words fell from their lips like a lead weight. There was sadness in their eyes but they had all been preparing for this day for a long time. They had all wanted to visit Jeuno but under different circumstances. Jeuno was the central and neutral hub for the three nations. It was a prosperous city where all races and nationalities were treated as equals. The three traveled swiftly by Chocobo and knew that the city would be within site by nightfall. There they would continue traveling in different directions: Phen by airship to the Island of Kazham, Sul would be headed to the Nation of Bastok, and Drag off to the peaks of Meriphataud Mountains. In the end, they knew that the trials ahead were going to be dangerous and difficult but the thought of failure never crossed their minds.

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