Friday, November 13, 2009

Chapter 3: Chance Encounter

Sul was face down on in the dirt, unable to move. That goblin had indeed shown him who was boss, just as he boasted he would when that first shot hit its mark. This was the first time Sul had been rendered unconscious. He was in a dream-like state for undisclosed amount of time. His thoughts went to the previous day's events and on his friends. He had seen them off as they left for their own adventures and to find themselves. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt a warm light envelope his body. He saw a shape, a slender red form standing before him in the process of casting.

"You're alright now, the goblin is gone." She said with a smile. At least Sul thought it was a smile since his vision was still quite blurry. It quickly registered that the girl was a Red Mage and he bowed in thanks to her. His father had taught him that Red Mages were very powerful, having a mastery of white and black magic. They also had several spells that were unique to them alone. As she tipped her hat her golden ponytail fell from where it had been kept. Her hair was long and gorgeous; Sul had never seen hair so well kept from an adventurer before. His eyes followed her hair around her head until they met with hers, though she looked a bit confused.

"Are you alright? You still seem a bit dazed. Can you speak?" She leaned in with one eyebrow raised waiting on her questions to sink in.

"Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry. I just notice your pretty hair and I uh, thank you for helping me. That goblin surprised me and I couldn't take him." Sul seemed to be snapping out of his daze now; he continued talking at her almost babbling.

"My name is Sulmorko; I was trying to get from here to the Nation of Bastok when he jumped me." Sul sighed and realized that he wasn't just talking at her constantly he was also standing perfectly still staring at her; he quickly looked away. He wasn't sure why but he was very nervous.

The girl smiled softly and put her hand in front of her mouth to keep him from noticing the laugh she was holding back. He looked and acted as though he'd never met a female before and seemed quite shy. She put her hat back on and sheathed her sword before she spoke.

"I am Feyna, of the Nation of Bastok. I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt by that goblin. You know, you could have taken a chocobo and not had to worry about the goblins, right?"

Sul looked around trying not to stare at Feyna as she spoke. Her voice was soft but commanding and she looked very distinguished in her armor. Sul was awestruck when he remembered his father's description of the Warlock's Armor. She was indeed wearing the fabled Red Mage Artifact Armor. Her hat, he was sure, was her most treasured possession for it was a very rare and hard to obtain item. Suddenly, Sul realized that she was waiting on a response from him and he forced the words at her from an unready mouth.

"No, I'm sorry; I don't have a chocobo license. The chocobo renter said I'd have to get one before I could ride a chocobo or the bird might get away from me or hurt me." Sul's face dropped into a frown as he spoke these words but he continued on. "The man in San D'Oria always let us rent a chocobo from him but here they don't know us so I guess that's the reason. My friends and I came here by chocobo, actually."

"Yes, you are required to have a license here, silly boy. And please, just call me Fey, not Ma'am. You're making me feel old." Fey said with a smile and a small chuckle. She looked up at the sky for a moment and noticed the airship coming over their heads. She pointed and spoke, "That's the ship that goes to and from Bastok. Do you have an airship pass and 200 gil?" She was pretty sure the answer was no but she figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Sul frowned at her and spoke down, looking away. "I'm sorry Miss. Fey, I don't have a pass. They are 500,000 Gil and I don't have nearly enough for that." He was so new to the world but he never seemed to give up hope. She knew exactly what he was doing when the goblin attacked him. She lifted his chin and spoke to him in a very honest tone,

"You tried to walk, by yourself, to Bastok, didn't you? Tell me the truth now."
Sul looked into her eyes and felt almost compelled to be completely honest with her. He sighed and frowned again, like a scolded puppy.

"Yes, I was going to walk and I crossed the goblin's path. I didn't even make it out of eye-sight from the city." Sul looked at the Jeuno and then back at Feyna and spoke again, more triumphantly this time.

"I will make it to Bastok though. My future is there with Master Oggbi. He will train me to be the best monk there is and the name Sulmorko will be known throughout all three nations and Jeuno as well. Nothing is going to stop me, heh, except maybe a goblin here or there." Sul had gone and cracked himself up; he laughed for a few minutes and realized that Fey was also laughing. She very well could have been laughing at him though.

"You're an amusing fellow. Go stay the night in a rental Mog House and meet me by the guide stone in Lower Jeuno in the morning. I'm headed home and I have some extra time so I'll help you get there." Fey wasn't sure what she was getting herself into but she knew that at least the trip would be anything but boring. Sul seemed incredibly happy that she was willing to help him and hugged her then pulled back immediately. His face burned as he blushed uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry, my emotions got the best of me" He bowed as he spoke. He was sure that this display would make her withdraw her offer but to his own surprise there was a slight blush on her cheeks as well.

"It's um, perfectly fine. Please remember to be on time tomorrow, if you aren't by the stone at Eight o'clock I'm leaving without you." Fey waggled her finger at him.

"Yes, I'll remember. Thank you again." Sul bowed again and rushed off back into the city, leaving Fey standing there with an amused look on her face.

"He's like a puppy; lovable and cute but so dumb." She said aloud though no one was around to hear her. She smiled and walked back into the city thinking about this oh so random encounter, not knowing what to expect upon tomorrow.

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