Friday, November 13, 2009

Prologue: Attack

In the midst of towering trees and the pitch darkness of the forest a cool breeze brushed silently over the seemingly empty colony. The only movements were of the sentries positioned every so often in guard towers. As usual when the colonies lamps lowered for the night as did the motivation of the sentries.

The innocence of this seemingly slow night was shattered as the guards breathed their last by a familiar yet foreboding sound. The thump of a bow and whistle of arrows came one after another from the edge of the might Jugner Forest’s trees. In a matter of moments the guards in the towers had been replaced by massive figures with arrows pointed to the colony. The assailants responsible for this act of violence were none other than the Orcs of the Clan Night Raider. These vile beasts were led by two notoriously nasty orcs: Steel-biter Gudrud and Hawk-eyed Gnadbad.

Gnadbad’s troops were archers and formed a perimeter around the colony. Any poor passer by who came across the colony would be cut down as quickly as anyone trying to escape. Gudrud’s men were taken into the village systematically entering each house. Upon entering they brutally murdering anyone inside before looting the place and burning it to the ground.

As the merciless raid continued, by the grace of Goddess Altana, the alarm was raised before the entire colony was burned to the ground. Within minutes of the alarm six seasoned warriors were fully armored and ready to fight the intruders to the death, be it their own or the enemy.

One man stepped forward with a might shout, provoking the orcs from their tasks. The man’s white armor gleamed in the moonlight as he readied his sword and shield.

“Come my friends, fight by my side for our families!” The man shouted as he ran head first into the fight. His sword cutting a path through the enemies as his shield deflected arrows and axe swings. From the heroic rush the fighters split and began their counterattack.

One fiery male danced into battle with a mighty swing of his two-handed great axe. His axe work was aggressive and his calls to the orcs as provoking as one could be. He took blows as though they were from paper weapons and retaliated each with another devastating swing from his axe. As the warrior found himself surrounded, his slightly worried look was eased into a grin as the orcs encircling him without warning burst into flames.

“Thanks Babe!” the man called as he threw a glance towards a raven haired woman wearing black robes and standing with a staff of oak.

“No worries, my friend! That’s my job, after all!” She called back with a roguish grin. He magic trained hands immediately started casting another of her black magic spells.

A tall man with no weapons and the attire of a martial artist rushed towards several orcs with determined speed. His punches landed with pinpoint accuracy as the orcs dropped one by one. The man was of monk discipline and this showed in his artful movements as he continued to fight. His punches slowed as he took several brutal hits from Gnadbad. The man staggered back and was enveloped by a white light as he felt refreshed and ready to move back into the fray. The man turned and simply nodded at the woman in the red tabard and chapeau with the brilliant white feather. Her sword glowed hot with the fire enspellment she had cast upon it to fend off attackers.

“You’re welcome, dear.” The woman called out to her husband, the monk, as she jumped and slashed Gnadbad across the face.

Before she landed she was struck by the blunt side of Gnadbad’s axe and thrown into nearby a tree. Gnadbad’s bow, now ready with an arrow, was aimed directly at the woman’s head but was shot into the sky as the shield of the armored man bashed into the back of Gnadbad’s head.

As the orcish general went down his troops left their posts and piled towards the fighters as an angry mob. The combatants knew they were in for a tough and long battle but thus was the life of an adventurer. The survivors feared for there was nothing they could do against the tide of orcs. They gathered the straggling remnants and fled through the woods towards the closest walled city. They moved as carefully and quickly as they could through the forest and into the fields headed towards the Kingdom of Sandoria.

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